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Budget Ideas For An Anniversary At Home

Your home is your castle and you spend a good deal of your life within it’s walls including those special one off days of the year. Especially with the pandemic more and more people are now looking for wedding anniversary ideas on a budget that they can do at home.

Our recomendation would be to look at the different categories of things that you love doing as a couple, for example:

Are you romantic?

Are you sporty?

Do you have kids and can’t get a sitter?

Do you want to try and involve the wider family?

You may also be trying to plan some special time together and want to explore your sensual side so perhaps you are looking for some things to do with your partner.

The article linked to above contains some great ideas, in fact there are over 100 different idea in each of these categories so we recommend checking it out if you are stuck.

In a nutshell, you want to spend the day making it as memorable as possible, it’s not just about gifts it’s about celebrating the fact that you got together and decided to make a commitment to each other.

We’re on our 35th wedding anniversary and life couldn’t be better!

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