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Does car seat fabric matter?

We think it does.

Particularly when you are learning to drive and you are concentrating on everything that you are trying to learn and implement, the last thing that you want as a distraction is a beaded seat cover or squeaky slippery leather seats taking your mind off the road.

May we also take this opportunity to say a big thanks to the staff from Quail’s in Ellesmere Port, for their input on this article.

Quails School of Motoring have been delivering driving lessons in Ellesmere Port and its surrounding Areas for over 25 years. Our instructors are all local to Ellesmere Port and are experts in the local road systems and layouts. All of our driving instructors are local to the Ellesmere Port area and know the road layouts and systems very well.

So what do you have in your car? Is there a difference between faux leather, leather and fabric?

Your own fabric requirements

Well, the answer somewhat depends upon your own taste and requirements. Top of the range cars tend to have real leather which can be problematic if you don’t like the smell of warm leather which your car will invariably do in the summertime.

More intricate work means a higher price tag

Of course, if you are willing to pay the extra premium your leather seats could actually come with built in air conditioning which makes them that much bit nicer.

The same is true of faux leather too, it is not as slippery, not as smelly and can accommodate the mod cons such as built in heating and air conditioning.

It is also easier to stitch and mold so the range of possibilities for a company specialising in car seats and general interiors are vastly increased.

The limitations of each type of finish

Fabric on the other hand can look cheaper but really doesn’t have any of the down sides in terms of practicalities other than it may not look at appealing if you want your car to have an expensive look about it.

Some people would argue that you should learn to drive in the car that you will end up driving on the road. This is fine except that you don’t learn to drive per say, you learn to drive THAT CAR. If you start to drive other cars that have a totally different feel about them then you have to adjust your mentality and generally the way you have become acustomed to the car you learnt in.

Of course, this now also lends itself to the prior argument that learning to drive in a car with bucket seats, leather seats or other unecessary modern convenience adjustments can hamper your ability to learn to drive effectively and safely, which ideally is what we all stive to do.


The type of fabric in your car is important for aesthetics but also for your own particular requirements.

Different types of fabric can give you a different sort of appeal and speaking from the point of view of a fabric specialist the more specialist your requirements are the more trickier it is for the manufacturing process and therefore your own price tag.

But the end result is your choice, just please bare in mind that there are thousands of fabric to choose from when it comes to pattern and design but faux leather and leather itself do not have quite this range.

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