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How a solicitor helps when you are designing a home

The services of a local solicitor are invaluable if you are looking to renovate or make serious design changes to your home.

This could be adding an additional living area to your existing layout or making a change that arguably your neighbours could object to.

Some examples are “right to light” objections, boundary disputes and more.

There are many firms you could choose from and one we have found particularly helpful and inspiring (mostly from their website content) is Hattons solicitors based in St Helens and we implore you to do some digging yourself as to their variety of services and if you are thinking of making visible design changes (of course, we’re happy to offer our professional services or even if you just want a chat we’re more than happy to help, please note though that our website is not completely finished and the recent pandemic lockdown activity has put things on hold for a short while so please forgive the incompleteness of our content, rest assured we are still here and hope to get things back to normal just as soon as we possibly can).

So which circumstances lend themselves to having to employ the services of a solicitor?

If you erect an orangery or conservatory for example then you might be denying your neighbours the right to light that they have. Not every solicitor will get involved as some don’t dabble in this area but we would be more than happy to make a recommendation should you need some advice, as this really depends upon where you live.

Erecting a fence is another example of where you may actually consult a solicitor before hand and in the very least have a chat with your neighbour to ensure that you are both happy about the lie of the land and where your boundaries cross. Having to involve the services of a solicitor when your neighbour is involved can make for some very awkward times ahead.

Many people are building extensions, loft conversions, cellar conversions or even building on top of their existing property as opposed to moving home these days because of the volatile housing market and although perfectly innocently carried out we have seen several times now that this too can raise objections from neighbours resulting in a fall out and having to involve the law.

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