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Trading & All It Encompasses

Like many people during lockdown I’ve been looking at trading as a way to perk my interest in new things and bide my time.

I’m a little concerned because I’m a complete beginner at this type of stuff so decided to look at a few tutorials on the topic.

My first question was is it actually safe to trade? By this I mean if I gave a company my hard earned money would they then lose it all or worse still hack my bank account? I found this article on Tradewise to be quite informative so I think I’ll you, the reader, decide for yourself.

The same website had quite a lot of great information for people in the same position as myself, advice such as can you make a living trading stocks ( which is fascinating!

Who wouldn’t like to have a life of freedom thanks to a passive income, I know I for one would.

What would you do with your time? Probably make more money LOL.

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